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About Us

About Us -Subah Times:

About Us-  Subah Times is the online news portal for stories and trending news. It was created by a group of ex-media team members. Its main objective is to focus on important and trending/viral news which is important for all people or readers. Subah Times covers news mainly on national and international trending news. In which Sports, Cinema, New Gadgets, New Technology, discoveries in Science and space, New information on Business, Tourism, and Human Health related information.

Why To Start Subah Times:

Due to the expansion of new technology, the importance of online culture is increasing and people’s inclination towards online is also increasing. Seeing the importance of digital, the government is also promoting this digital culture.

In this modern life of fast-paced and hectic routines, people are becoming more dependent on digital information, hence keeping in view the demand and need for online news, this online news portal – Subah Times has been started.

Hope You will enjoy on this online news portal and also learn and benefit from this online news portal- Subah Times.

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